RCI Advantage

RCI’s clients benefit from our unique approach of leveraging our diverse in-house expertise in combination with strategic and trusted global partners to ensure success for our clients.

RCI’s advantage results from our emphasis of the four key pillars:


RCI’s team consists of the highest qualified and experienced professionals in financial areas covering banking, brokerage, regulation, insurance, M&A, and accounting. However, it is our proven process that facilitates a collaboration of our people’s skillsets that brings the greatest benefit to our clients.


RCI offers significant insight through our involvement analyzing, interpreting and shaping government policies. RCI’s senior management team members have held positions in both Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments including Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, President of the Treasury Board, Federal Minister of Trade and in the Office of the Prime Minister.


RCI’s core advisory team also consists of specialized industry knowledge – with backgrounds in legal, regulatory, engineering, geology and metallurgy – these experts offer invaluable insight regarding the energy and resource sectors.


RCI employs a culturally diverse team with intimate knowledge of both Asian and North American cultures and business practices. In addition, RCI works closely with First Nations communities and leadership in order to fulfill our mandate to promote inclusive and responsible business practices.

With RCI’s unique approach and experience, we are well positioned to work with our clients to achieve their business objectives in a fast changing global market.