Our goal at RCI is to provide services tailored to our client’s individual investment interests. We provide independent, dynamic and resourceful solutions.

Our services are Investment Banking and Financial Advisory Services, and Immigrant Investment Programs.


Energy and Resources

Energy security is a top priority for most, if not all, developed and developing nations. Asia leads the world in seeking sources of energy and resources to keep their vibrant economies running and growing. Within Asia, there is a race amongst the world’s fastest growing economies. The Americas is a logical destination as the region is extremely rich in natural resources and benefits from supportive and stable governments. New exploration and discoveries continue to uncover massive oil and gas reserves and deposits of base and precious metals throughout North and South America. RCI’s exclusive focus on the energy and resources sectors in the Americas has delivered incredible investment opportunities for our clients.

Canada is the dominant hub for the global resource industry with more than half of the world’s mining companies having their headquarters in Canada. RCI’s decision to headquarter its offices in Vancouver, British Columbia is strategic, considering that Vancouver is the epicenter of the energy and resource industry in Canada.

Canada is at the forefront of the global energy and resource industry with a clear understanding that attracting foreign capital investment in order to responsibly develop the resource markets inside the country is a necessity. The support of this strategy is evident in initiatives such as expansion of ports and transportation infrastructure across Western Canada, under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative. The Federal Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver recently stated that Canada will require approximately $650 billion to finance the massive resource development potential over the next ten years. It is understood that much of that capital must originate from overseas. This represents a unique and timely investment opportunity that we are well-positioned to help our investors capitalize on.


RCI employs more than 50 legal, financial and technical experts with offices located in Canada, the United States, China, South Korea, Japan and India. We understand the requirements of tailoring capital investments, structuring deals and facilitating mergers and acquisitions for our diverse clients in Canada’s energy and resource sectors.

RCI is a global leader in attracting strategic and financial capital from Asia-Pacific. RCI provides expertise in the following areas:

Investment Banking and Financial Advisory Services

  • Deal Origination Agents
  • End to end transaction management
  • Capital Formation
  • Asset Management – Immigrant Investor Capital

    • Program operated by Renaissance Capital Inc., Montreal based subsidiary of RCI Capital Group, which is a registered investment dealer (member IIROC & CIPF).
    • RCI is the largest non-bank financial institution in Canada and a global leader managing investor immigrant capital, servicing more than 4,000 clients from 52 countries.
    • RCI has facilitated more than $1.8 billion in investment capital in Canada and the U.S. on behalf of our high net-worth clients.